Springsteen & E Street/Radio Nowhere/Today Show Live Performance

“Night” (Live, Today Show)Radio Nowhere performed for the Today Show (below)Link to official Radio Nowhere video.

I’m burning myself out on the Magic, Bruce and the E Street Band’s (latest) CD/download (whatever I don’t care. I have good seats to see him and the Band in April! Got tickets at face value (plus horrendous handling charges). Very happy still. Excited. Thrilled actually. Even got an E-Street tee-shirt for my birthday.

Yay! Found another, better video of Radio Nowhere performed for the Today Show. Excellent early-morning, unforgiving lights. We never see Patti w/out large dark sunglasses and no close-ups on the face. It’s all red hair and sunglasses from the neck up. I would do the same in any bright light.

Anyway, they were great! So we have besides Bruce, Steve Van Zant (Sil from The Sopranos) only he’s ditched his pompadour for a purple do-rag. And the drummer from Conan (Max Weinburg) and Clarence Clemmons. Aw. I love that saxman. And don’t forget Nils Lofgren. icon smile  Springsteen & E Street/Radio Nowhere/Today Show Live Performance And Patti, The Woman Who Waited For Bruce For 8 Years (and finally got her man after her man finally came to his senses). Isn’t love grandNot forgetting keyboardist Roy Bittan, who left this tour for treatment of “melanoma.” It isn’t E Street w/out them all. Plus, like the rest of the guys Roy Bittan is well worth wanting to see. Get Well Soon, Roy!