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Very exciting news that Sons of Anarchy will be featured at Paleyfest! If you’ve not either been to Paleyfest (I haven’t–yet) or watched excerpts from it, this will be a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal interaction with Sons Of Anarchy‘s many creative individuals from showrunner Sutter through most of the cast. I would love to attend this event. If you have an opportunity–go! If not, I’ll be pulling all the SOA scoop from the news reports and videos that come out of the 2-week-long celebration of television.


PaleyFest 2012: ‘Two and a Half Men,’ ‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Added to Lineup

CBS’ Two and a Half Men, ABC’s Once Upon a Time and FX’s Sons of Anarchy have been added to the 2012 William S. Paley Television Festival.

The trio of shows join previously announced honorees Mad Men, Modern Family and American Horror Story as programming set for the March 2-14 festival, which returns to the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Veteran series Two and a Half Men and Sons of Anarchy will make their PaleyFest debut at the 29th annual festival, which will see FX’s freshman drama American Horror Story open the lineup and ABC’s Emmy darling Modern Family close the event.

Individual tickets for the event go on sale to Paley Center members Jan. 13, and Jan. 15 to the general public.

Additional honorees for the festival will be announced in the coming months.

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Post Season 4 Katey Sagal Q &A:

One big reason for the success of SOA is the consistently jaw-dropping performance by Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller Morrow, a role that earned her a Golden Globe this year. Katey, who off-screen is married to SOA creator Kurt Sutter, chatted briefly about her big year:

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Katey Sagal of 'Sons of Anarchy.' CREDIT: By Prashant Gupta

Q:  Do you have a favorite moment from this past season?

A: Certainly one of the more challenging moments was in Episode 13 when I sort of filled Jax in on everything that was going on in those letters, what I found out about Clay … That was certainly a memorable moment for me to play. There are so many — I like the moment of finding the head in the chili. (Laughs) Those are two that come to mind.

Q: I think it’s exciting when you contribute to the soundtrack as well. Is that a collaboration at all?

A: No, Kurt pretty much writes in his ideas of music as he’s writing the script. He usually makes suggestions to me — “Can you sing this one? Can you try that one?” — so I don’t suggest the music. But he’s kind of made it a point that I sing at least one song each season.

Q: Do you know anything about next season yet?

A: I don’t. (Kurt) probably does — he probably has a large vision of the entire thing. But no, and it’s funny … I don’t really get into asking too much about that, because I like to find out as everybody else does.

Q: Do you watch any TV yourself?

A: Oh, yeah. I love TV. I think television’s so great right now, it’s hard to fit it all in. My guilty pleasure was that I just watched all five seasons of Friday Night Lights in about a two-month period. (Laughs) Oh, my god. I just loved it. I would watch it four or five episodes at a time on Netflix.

Right now I’m watching Homeland, which I love, and Boardwalk Empire. Mostly the cable dramas — I love Nurse Jackie when that’s on.

And this is so stupid, but I like some of those singing competition shows. I’m a big American Idol watcher, and sometimes I like to watch America’s Got Talent. Those are big, corny admissions, but sometimes it’s so fun to see those kids really sing their hearts out.

Q: What would you say was your happiest moment of 2011?

A: You know, I’m very invested in my children. My oldest daughter’s a senior in high school, and their whole year is filled with these moments of “Oh my god, you’re a senior in high school!” and she’s getting ready to go to college. There are so many milestones she’s hitting right now that make me happy.

Generally, I find a lot to be grateful for. I can have some pretty happy moments if the day went smooth. I like when everything’s naturally moving along — I find that pretty exciting

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‘illiterate guidos, brain-dead zombies, outlaw bikers. SOA was the 3rd most watched show of 2011. there’s a lesson in that somewhere…’


 ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Are Top Basic Cable Series with Adults 18-4…

FireShot Screen Capture 002 Kurt Sutters photo  My holiday gift to fans  Ever     on WhoSay www whosay com kurtsutter photos 109580 coderFe1bfR SONS OF ANARCHY   Season 5 Kurt Sutter Tweets   Sons At Paleyfest!  #soafx #sonsofanarchy

Sons Of Anarchy Season 5.01 SPOILER 'Otto Kills Everbody' (via Kurt Sutter)

My holiday gift to fans. Every week between now and season 5 begins, I’ll release a SEASON 5 SPOILER.

Kurt Sutter’s photo

WTFSutter Finale Act 1

Happy Holidays! See you back here for Season 5.
In the video (part 2) Kurt Sutter says that he will, similar to what he did this year, begin generating content as early as June, 2012. For my part however I will continue to cover Sons Of Anarchy-related news like the above-mentioned Paleyfest in March, as well as casting and production news that is bound to break prior to actual production of the series, which I believe begins around March of 2012, too. There’s certainly a lot more bound to be on the horizon before season 5 commences so be sure to check back!

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS – Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5 #spoilers

Sons Of Anarchy Season 5 Spoilers:

Though Sons of Anarchy showrunner Kurt Sutter has a reputation for extreme Twitter outbursts (see @sutterink), he really seems to open up and settle down when conducting interviews. He’s a multidimensional guy. Go figure. I’ve combed through several interviews that Kurt Sutter gave since Sons Of Anarchy’s season 4 finale aired on Tuesday so I can spoil you rotten as Sutter was very candid about a number of characters as well as the general direction Sons Of Anarchy‘s season 5 storyline is headed.  There be SOA season 5 spoilers here!


2011 12 08 201643 450x334 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

SOA PILOT. Photos Jax finds in the storage locker. Young Gemma. Young John Teller.

CREDIT: Kurt Sutter 

Q: Was it always your plan to have Clay survive the season?:


sons of anarchy 01 320 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman in Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 finale (Photo credit: FX)

SUTTER: Yeah. The character of Clay was essential to me for at least a couple more seasons. There’s so much more dramatic ground to cover with Jax at the head of that table and Clay now almost the Piney character in that he’s weakened and stripped of some of his previous weight and power. To me, that’s a really interesting dynamic. And quite honestly, I didn’t want to waste the power of Jax having that knowledge and passion and knowing about the deceit that happened and the secret that’s been kept from him for all these years with just one episode of him killing Clay. Because then it’s done. He’s avenged his father’s death and it’s almost like that storyline kind of burns out, and I just feel there’s a lot more story to tell there….  That’s just really fun, fertile ground for story.

2011 10 20 214831 450x248 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

William Lucking as "Piney' and Ron Perlman as 'Clay' in SOA Season 4 (FX)

Q: The Tara-Gemma dynamic…they’re essentially becoming the same person. What will be the one thing that prevents Tara from truly becoming like Gemma?

SUTTER: That was always the idea to have Gemma kind of bring Tara close and ultimately create her own little Frankenstein there…Tara’s not going to go back to the… Tara (of old). But clearly Tara is not Gemma…Is Tara really capable of becoming Gemma? And what happens if she’s put in a position where she has to make that ultimate sacrifice for her family and her club? Is she going to be capable of going that dark? …

2011 10 05 172157 450x247 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Maggie Siff as 'Tara' Knowles On SOA Season 4 Image Credit: FX

Q: Tara and Clay now have something in common, in that they both know that Gemma is concealing the truth about her role in JT’s death from Jax.

SUTTER: Right.

2011 09 07 022449 450x244 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff as Jax and Tara ON SOA Image Credit: FX

Q: I have to imagine that that’s going to be a big story for next season.

SUTTER: I think so…people have been asking me what’s going to happen with Clay and Gemma, and I’m not quite sure yet. I just know that they will always be intrinsically connected because of the secrets and the lies that they have together…It’s why when Gemma sees Clay alive at the end [of the finale], that’s just a really bad thing for her.


2011 11 30 0323411 450x251 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

He lives! 'Gemma' (Katey Sagal) is surprised to find husband Clay (Ron Perlman) still breathing after freak circumstances (Romeo works for the Feds!) dictated that he survive. Image Credit: FX

That’s a really big, dangerous loose end. So that will be something that we will definitely play with next season. And for Tara, that definitely gives her some leverage over Gemma. There are… still some loose ends from those letters…the physical evidence is missing, but Tara has enough weight with Jax … even without seeing the letters I think he would believe Tara… I do believe there is some danger there even though she’s (Gemma) destroyed the evidence firsthand.

Q: Is it safe to assume that the crime boss father of Leroy’s dead girlfriend will be a huge character next season?
SUTTER: Yeah… I definitely wanted to lay some track for Season 5 and put some complications already on Jax’s shoulder as he’s sitting at the head of the table. He’s already got a problem [going into Season 5].

2011 11 30 0339041 450x253 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Ryan Hurst as 'Opie' & Charlie Hunnam as 'Jax' in Season 4 SOA on FX

Q: Is it possible that we’ve seen the last of Opie for now?
SUTTER: I don’t think so. It was never my intention to suggest that he is away. To me, it was just too convenient and too soon for Opie to suddenly come back to that table with Jax… we’ll probably build some kind of story around that before he’s able to actually come back and be [at Jax's side]. ..

2011 11 16 010359 450x244 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

'Jax and Tara' Sons Of Anarchy - Season 4 Image Credit: FX

Q: Any scoop on Sons of Anarchy, preferably about the fate of Tara? 
Ausiello: If she thought Season 4 was a bitch, wait until she gets a load of what lies ahead in Season 5or, I should say, who lies ahead. Series creator Kurt Sutter confirms that Drea de Matteo’s recovering junkie will be back in a big way next fall, presumably to make good on her threat to bond with “Abel’, her son with Jax. “I will tell you that we are definitely bringing Drea back,” he says. “We signed her up for six episodes, and we brought her in for two this season, so we’ll have her in at least four next season. And if I need her for more, I’m sure I can work that out.


Q: Are we going to have any kind of a time jump when we come back?
SUTTER: There won’t be a big time jump like there was between seasons 3 and 4 with the jail time. I try to build in at least a few weeks or a month [Laughs] so if my actors have changed their look, there’s not miraculously someone with a different haircut. So I would say a month or so.

Q: Where do you stand on setting an end date to the show?
SUTTER: I’ve had a conversation with [FX president] John Landgraf and I look at [doing] potentially seven seasons…that’s really just coming from the ‘model of the show’ and knowing that usually by Season 6 and 7 the above-the-line costs start to get pretty high… the show …  loses profitability and it’s really difficult to continue to [produce] beyond that…


2011 11 30 163105 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Danny Trejo as 'Romeo Parada'

I think most fans will want to know when you thought of the twist that Romeo and Luis work with the CIA and need SAMCRO to keep working with the cartel and the Irish, who will only get in business with the cartel if Clay is involved.
From the beginning. …If you go back and look at all those scenes with Romeo and Luis and the guys, it all fits. It all makes sense. Even from the second episode when they suddenly just showed up outside of that reservation saying, “Hey, yeah, we got word on the pipeline that you guys were here.” Clearly they found out these guys were in trouble and they needed them around, so they sort of showed up and shut down the Russians. So all those clues were there all along, and it’s exactly what happened with Pablo Escobar. It’s what the CIA does. It goes in and empowers one cartel. We give one set of bad guys the money and guns to ultimately have some hold of the political reins in a territory. The history was there, and I was afraid that somebody was gonna pick up on it earlier on, and they didn’t. I think it was a fun reveal for everyone.


 Are we going to see Clay rise up in season 5?

…I’m not quite sure yet. But I definitely know that there’s only one direction for Clay and that’s up. I’m just not quite sure what that will look like. At some point, I’m sure it’ll be a complication and/or threat to Jax again. But I think it will be fun, for at least a portion of the season, to see that guy sittin’ in Piney’s chair. I definitely want to play some of that out.

EDIT/’I want to play out some scenes next season where he’s literally sitting in Piney’s seat with an oxygen mask. To me, there’s such a cool irony to play out that dynamic.’
2011 11 23 160550 450x248 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Dayton Callie and Ron Perlman in Sons of Anarchy season 4 (FX)

‘… I knew I always wanted to play out at least a couple of seasons with Jax at the head of that table. In the evolution of the character, and the evolution of the prince, I think there’s a lot of room for great drama in this guy trying to figure out what kind of king he wants to be. Can he be Clay without becoming Clay? Can he be John teller without suffering the fate of John Teller? What’s Clay’s phoenix moment in season 5 and 6?

2011 09 16 213142 450x351 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

'Tara' and 'Gemma' on SOA on FX (2011)

The interesting thing… is we’re telling this story about this hardcore motorcycle club, but I’m realizing…I’m really telling it through the eyes of the women… it is Jax’s journey and it is about his ascension or dissension from the club… (but we) tell the most compelling parts of that story through the eyes of the women….I think for the fans, the idea that there’s a new King and Queen and how does Gemma handle that? Is Tara potentially ready for the reins of that and all the things that the role of matriarch demands from her? I think there’s a lot more ground to cover with Tara with all that. I think she’s much further along. We’ve definitely knocked her off the fence this season. But she’s not ready to be Gemma yet. She has a lot more ground to cover.’

2011 11 30 032702 450x245 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Ron Perlman as "Clay Morrow' in SOA Season 4 finale

‘…I thought, “Are we cheating ourselves, or cheating the fans, by Jax getting the information and just putting the bullet in Clay’s head?” He lives with the pain for three scenes and then takes the air out of that build. Why not explore that for a few seasons? How do they deal with that? How do they be brothers? How do they get each other’s back  in times of crisis with this secret and this sense of betrayal that they feel? That was really the idea for it. I think there’s room stories to be told in that dynamic.’

‘…Not that I want to spoil season 5, but it’s not about suddenly we come back to the exact same dynamic. I really want to see Clay broken. What does this guy do to fucking strap his balls back on, and steam rising up. … I think Clay has an interesting arc to play out with potentially Gemma and gathering his power base. Right now, the only one in his corner is Tig. I think there’s something to be played out with that, but at some point, there has to be some sense of, if Clay does rise up and becomes a threat to Jax, you can only get so much out of that, because we’ve played a lot of that. So I don’t know. I knew that this wasn’t the time for Clay to go away. Whether he makes it through all seven seasons, I don’t know…’ (KS) Source: HitFix

Q: What can you tease about how Gemma will handle it?
SUTTER: When Gemma sees Clay is still alive there at the end, that’s a dangerous loose end. Tara has the information. Anybody that’s read those letters, the three that Gemma conveniently removed and then burned, still has that information about her potential connection to what happened to John.

2011 11 23 161928 450x245 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

John Teller's letters--some of them, anyway. Pictured: Katey Sagal ('Gemma') and Charlie Hunnam ('Jax')

‘I played with the idea of hearing what was in those letters this season, but I just like the idea of having people not hear them firsthand. It just felt like we’re getting through the perspective of the characters and the emotionality of what’s in them rather than spoonfeed them the actual words on the page.’

Gemma got rid of the physical evidence, so there’s no direct information, and perhaps Jax wouldn’t believe Clay. But at this point, I think he would definitely believe Tara. To me, it’s almost like Tara is the bigger threat. It’s an interesting dynamic. I think one of the reasons why Tara feels so empowered there at the end with Gemma is that she knows she has the most potent leverage on Gemma that anybody can have, which is “I have the power to ultimately destroy your relationship with the thing you love most.” I think it’s why she feels like she can move with a certain amount of impunity to the head of that table.


2011 11 09 182101 450x245 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Drea De Matteo as "Wendy' Jax's ex, bio-mom to Abel. Is guesting on SOA next season, minimum 4 episodes.

Q: Will Wendy still be in the picture next season?
SUTTER:Yeah. We signed Drea de Matteo for six episodes, and she was in two this season. So she’ll be in at least four next season, and hopefully, if we can come up with a bigger story, I’d love to bring her back for even more than that.

369054285charleihunnam 450x299 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Charlie Hunnam

What can you tease about Jax going into season 5?
I don’t know anything as far as story yet…  So for me, it’s can Jax take over from Clay and not become Clay? Or, if he has the idealistic goals of his father, does he lock himself to the fate of his father. To me, it will be interesting to see him try to be different from Clay and yet, is it possible to be a different guy than Clay and be an effective leader of an outlaw organization? So that’ll be, in terms of thematics, the fun thing for Jax to play with in season 5.

2011 12 09 014330 450x614 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Read more:

Q: We heard of the badass gangster named Damon Pope, whose daughter was killed in Tig’s wrongful retaliation. Do you have someone in mind to play him?

SUTTER: I don’t. I always start thinking big and then I end up with some great unknown actor. [Laughs] And honestly, the reason why we haven’t really given it much thought is that I don’t quite now how big the role is going to be. I know the circumstance is big and it will impact our guys, and I wanted to leave something hanging over Jax’s head as he sat at the head of that table and the audience knowing that he’s got the gavel and he’s already got a s—storm brewing… those circumstances will definitely be part of season 5, I just don’t know how big that role will be yet, and then we’ll decide who the best actor is.

2011 11 19 003110 450x300 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Mark Boone, Jr. In SOA season 4

Q: Just so we hit all the major players, what can you tease about Bobby and Opie?
SUTTER: To me, I never meant to imply that they wouldn’t be coming back. Bobby, realistically, wouldn’t have been released yet… Other characters talk a little bit about how he’d be able to get rid of the charges if the deal continues. So we set up the potential for Bobby to free up later on. And then Opie, it was just too neat and convenient for Opie to come back already…  It will give me some story to play out with him next season in terms of him coming back around. But I don’t think he’s gone. I think he’s still not right with it all.


sutterasottoepisode4.12burntandpurgedaway 450x299 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

SONS OF ANARCHY: Episode 412: "Burnt and Purged Away" (Airs November 22, 10:00 pm e/p). Pictured: Kurt Sutter. CR: Prashant Gupta / FX.

Q: And Otto, still not executed yet.

SUTTER: That can take a season or two to pull that together. I think I ultimately would like to see an execution. I think it would just be an interesting thing to watch. [Laughs] I’m sure it will just be a needle. I think that’s what we do in California.

2011 11 30 032519 450x245 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Theo Rossi as 'Juice' in SOA on FX (2011)

Q: Let’s talk Juice. Was Chibs telling the truth when Juice finally told him his father was black? It wouldn’t have mattered because his birth certificate says Juice is hispanic?
SUTTER: Yeah. That’s the sad irony of everything that happened. … But the truth is, Juice has still done some other bad things: shooting Miles and ratting on the club. … That stuff can go away for a while, but it’s like what we did with Bobby and Luann this season. It’s still out there, it’s still something that impacts the character emotionally, and it’s still a story that we can pull on at any point.


2011 11 30 163402 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Rockmund Dunbar as Charming' s County Sherrif 'Eli Roosevelt'

Q: I loved how you had Roosevelt [Rockmond Dunbar] apologize to Juice. It kept him a stand-up guy. Will he back next season?
We don’t have a deal with him… I’d love to be able to bring Rock back and be able to continue that dynamic.

Q: Talking about Unser: I didn’t want him to die because I love that character, but I can’t believe he made it through the season. Was there ever any thought in your head about offing him.

SUTTER:…I liked the idea that it was ultimately Clay who gave him purpose again, and then it was really through the betrayal of Clay that gave him an even greater purpose in terms of protecting Gemma. ‘Cause now he’s got something to live for. It’s why we see him at the head of Gemma’s table at the end of the episode. I do think that that relationship [Gemma and Unser] will continue, and I don’t think it will ever really become a romantic relationship…


2011 11 16 011529 450x245 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Dayton Callie as 'Wayne Unser' on SOA on FX (2011)

…’But I just love the actor so much. I think Dayton Callie is such a soulful guy. That character was such a thin character on the page when I first put it down. He brought so much to that character that he ultimately became a series regular and is a great source of genuine humor and compassion, and anything I throw at the guy, he turns it into gold. So I don’t want him goin’ anywhere.’


2011 11 23 161735 450x246 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Katey Sagal s 'Gemma' on SOA on FX (2011)

Q: Is there any hope for Tig and Gemma now?
SUTTER: … as of now, that doesn’t feel right. It feels like Tig is set on protecting Clay a little bit. So I see him more trying to help Clay next season rather than betray him.


2011 11 23 161535 450x246 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SPOILERS   Kurt Sutter Talks Season 4 Finale PHOTOS #sonsofanarchy #season5  #spoilers

Kim Coates as 'Tig' on SOA on FX (2011)

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SONS OF ANARCHY Episode 4.14 Season Finale – JAX AND TARA SPOILER #sonsofanarchy #jaxandtara


jpg 450x261 SONS OF ANARCHY Episode 4.14 Season Finale   JAX AND TARA SPOILER #sonsofanarchy #jaxandtara

Charlie Hunnam as 'Jax Teller' and Maggie Siff as 'Dr.Tara Knowles' in Sons of Anarchy

Q: Can you tease anything about the Sons of Anarchy finale? The suspense is killing me!
Shakespearean spoiler alert! If you know anything about Hamlet (the play we are incessantly reminded that SOA parallels) or even Michael Corleone, it should be clear that SAMCRO‘s indecisive prince can neither slay the usurping king nor leave Denmark. The fair Ophelia isn’t exactly going to a nunnery, but she probably won’t be sticking around to become a floater in Charming.

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I believe the translation for this spoiler goes thusly: In Sons Of Anarchy‘s season 4 finale Jax cannot kill Clay and he cannot leave the club as Clay is unable to physically run the Club. Whilst Clay recuperates Jax takes the gavel. Tara, OTOH, has an itch even stronger than Jax’s to get out of Charming and it sounds as if she does just that by accepting the job in Oregon.