‘V’ Red Rain Revenge (3 mins. Graphic) – Sneak Peek – Photo Stills – BTS

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Red Rain Revenge -

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Watch the premiere of V, Tuesday January 4th.

003 V Red Rain Revenge (3 mins. Graphic)   Sneak Peek   Photo Stills   BTS
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Morena Baccarin – Anna

Scott Wolf – Chad Decker

Elizabeth Mitchell – Erica Evans

Joel Gretsch, Father Jack,

Laura Vandervoort – Lisa,

Morris Chestnut  – Ryan Nichols

Logan Huffman – Tyler

Lourdes Benedicto – Valerie

Fun fact: When a season ends with the sky turning red, there’s cause for concern — and we learn all sorts of reasons why in the Jan. 4 season opener. For one, it can cause your face to melt off — kidding. Sort of. Gruesomeness aside, the premiere gives reason to believe this season could be faster-paced than the freshman run. Here’s what goes down: We learn a bit about the meaning of the red sky (clue: an environmental scientist has a piece of the puzzle); we learn the consequences of accusing Anna of becoming more human (clue: don’t mess with a woman who has a tail with a pointy end); we see Decker make a bold move to support the V (clue: goodbye, journalistic integrity); and we learn of a possible traitor in the Fifth Column. No clue for that one, but prepare to be devastated by the answer.
HeyCarLost | November 19, 2010

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‘V’ – ‘Visa Sneak’ 11-17 – RECAP / ‘Quick Cut’ 11-10 – ‘Polls Moment’ – 11-10

Visa Sneak 11-17 – V
The Visitors are granted visas to enter America.

Quick Cut 11-10 – V

Erica and Father Jack join forces to fight the visitors, while Chad helps them via his news report.

Chad convinces Anna he has the V’s best interests at heart.

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NEW! “V” Sneak Peeks – Previews in HD – Alien “Arrival” – “Press”

Anna, the leader, brings a message of peace from the visitors to Earth.
Alien Arrival 11-3 – V
Sept. 24, 2009

Morena Baccarin is so beautiful and it would seem a stretch that she could master the ever-so-slight creepiness that her character, “Anna” projects but she pulls it off. Hopefully with Baccarin and Elizabeth Mitchell on board as two strong female leads, the rest of the ensemble and the story itself will be as Morena characterizes in her ABC interview (below), “awesome.”

Press Sneak 11-3 – V
Sept. 24, 2009

Ricardo Martinez asks Scott Wolf and Morena Baccarin of V the top 5 fan questions!
Top 5 Fan Questions
(Aug 24, 2009)