THE WALKING DEAD Episode 2.05 – ‘Chupacabra’ Sneak Peek Screencaps VIDEO Promo PHOTOS #thewalkingdead


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Steven Yeun as 'Glenn' in The Walking Dead Episode 2.05

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 Promo/Preview “Chupacabra”
Concerned for their safety, the group makes a plan – one that Hershel disagrees with adamantly. He makes it clear the group is fine to stay for now, but not indefinitely.

If you’ve been paying really close attention while watching The Walking Dead, you’ve picked up that something weird is going on on Hershel’s farm. I can’t imagine that when the secret is unearthed as the shot of “Glenn” (above) hints at that it will not deviate much from the books.

Without spelling it out, both Herschel and Maggie have exchanged odd looks in front of our group, knowing glances indicating ‘we have a secret–let’s keep it.” Further, Hershel acted very odd when Rick suggested that the group move closer to the barn, and when Rick implored that Hershel consider allowing Rick’s group to stay on after Carl heals, Hershel immediately stated that there was certain ‘rules’ that the group would have to agree to before Hershel would consider it (there would be NO room for negotiation).

Looking at the short synopsis for Episode 5, “Chupacabra’ (a mythological creature which sucks it’s victim dry of their blood) Hershel and Rick’s camp come to a profound disagreement about the group’s safety. Why would that be?

While pondering that, let’s ask too about the reappearance of Daryl Dixon’s lost brother ‘Merle.’ We know that Daryl is hell-bent on finding Sophia and he’s going out alone to do so. We’ve also seen a SPOILER coming this season promo that shows an unconscious (bloodied?) Daryl being assisted by Rick and Shane. Does Daryl meet up with some sort of chupacabra in his search for Sophia and end up hallucinating Merle?

EDIT/ OK. The question is still relevant though I should have looked up  in the first place:

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 5 Episode Synopsis:
While searching the woods for clues, Daryl is seriously injured and set upon by walkers. Meanwhile, Rick second-guesses himself; and Glenn believes he’s getting positive signals from Maggie, but then isn’t so sure.

Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2011
Guest Cast Lauren Cohan: Maggie Greene


‘I was thinking…that I might be dead tomorrow.’ – Glenn

THE WALKING DEAD Episode 2.05 – ‘Chupacabra’ Sneak Peek

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