It’s working, Hurrah!

rtx7fmeglastonbury2008 400x261 Its working, Hurrah!Just got back from taking youngest son to the dermatologist for his monthly check. He’d gotten a blood test before 7 a.m. this morning as he is on high levels of Accutane (“he’s a big guy”) and they have to make sure that his liver is not being compromised.

He is looking really good. Those stubborn, awful, deep patches have healed completely and I was sure he was going to scar badly from them. Luckily, they were worst at the temple near his hairline and they are in fact fading–the acne has been long gone for some time. The doctor says two more months and he can discontinue the Accutane. It’s been a bit of a hassle, especially the before school blood tests, but definitely worth it.

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My Favourite Post Secret This Week~ Father’s Day Edition

always My Favourite Post Secret This Week~ Fathers Day Edition

My favourite Post Secret each week tends to be one of the ones that tickles my funny bone.

This week it was not one of the funny ones.

The postcard to Frank that grabbed me most this week was one that hit dead-center home. (Read at left.)

Many years ago I fell in love with a man who treated my son, whose father was/is completely absent from his life, like his son. The love affair ended but the love my ex-boyfriend felt for my son endured.

Even after my son grew older this man stayed in contact; even after my son grew indifferent this guy still professed his love. I was there and know his love to be genuine so when I saw this card with it’s image closely resembling my son as a child, I had to really, really look to see that my-ex boyfriend did not write it. I’m not convinced he did not and that is the very first time this has happened to me.

It’s an odd feeling.