I’m Frustrated

I must have some kind of impairment with anything  having to do with transferring files from my computer to my website. And I hate asking for help! I already did and thought it was working but went to do it on my own and well, the “thing” showed files being transferred but where they are, I have no idea! What I do know is that they are not showing up in my plugin section and I really am feeling <see the title>. ist2 3420564 confused orangutan Im Frustrated

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It’s gonna be a long one

Well that was not too bad. I just changed the template to my blog and it has not yet been very painful. I’m uncertain about whether some code made the transition smoothly but I’ll know for sure by tonight and if it didn’t it won’t be world-ending–it’s fixable.

Regardless, the template that I fell in love with almost a year ago, though quite striking didn’t really have  the bells and whistles to meet my needs. This one has an issue that if I can truly figure out how to adjust the code I’ll fix up but I’m loathe to start monkeying with code for fear of messing “everything” up.

I know weather talk is frowned upon but damn! it’s getting cold.

Last night was the first night  when I walked Raven that the temperatures were so low that my eyes watered. And it was only 50 degrees! I’d forgotten  how overly-sensitive my eyes are to the “cold.” I wish I’d remembered to be thankful over the summer for the lack of runny nose and watery eyes. <sigh> It’s gonna be a long one.


Why is it that because I work at home that I’m treated like I’m just hangin’ out here at the computer maybe chatting online (which I don’t do, period) or emailing (which I’d like to do but don’t have time for) or I dunno, filing my nails at my work station, which I will admit to as part of multi-tasking. Sometimes I take a <gasp> break from work and read a bit of the New York Times online–maybe some three day-old news. Why do people feel like they can ask me for something, anything just because I’m here?

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