SOA: Set The Scene BTS VIDEO – Sons Of Anarchy (2013) EW Review SPOILERS #soafx #samcro

Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Premieres Tonight (Tuesday) at 10pm on FX.

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Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 – Premieres Tonight at 10pm on FX. (Credit FX)

Sons Of Anarchy ‘Mayhem’ Promo Tease VIDEO

This season … Trouble is Charming. Your favorite Sons are back tonight at 10p only on FX.


“What separates Hamlet and Sons Of Anarchy from other revenge dramas is that the action we’re most anticipating (say, the murder of Claudius/Clay) keeps getting postponed while our hero determines if he’s certain about what he’s doing. In Hamlet, that creates real psychological depth; on SOA, it’s frustrating. We’re supposed to see Jax as a born leader, but his toughest decisions are often made for him…At this point, Jax is so wishy-washy, it’s hard not to root for the bad guys, especially since Lee has become the show’s most entertaining villain. SOA always wrenches great comedy from gross-out violence, and Donal Logue masters that art, killing innocents with slapstick timing and using his enemies’ teeth to crack open beer bottles. He even helps justify the season premiere’s ending, which is so ridiculous you have to laugh. Later, that scene triggers more action from Lee than Jax has seen in a while…”

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The sixth season of Sons Of Anarchy, which opens with Clay (Ron Perlman)  and Tara (Maggie Siff) behind bars and season 5′s big bad, Damon Pope, dead, should give Jax (Charlie Hunnam) free rein over SAMCRO. Again partnered with Nero (the well-cast Jimmy Smits), Jax wants to give up guns and drugs to focus on his one legal empire — porn — with help from an ex-cop (Peter Weller, who previously has directed, though not acted in the show) and an over-friendly ‘escort’ (Kim Dickens). The problem? An Iranian gang is trying to force the women into torture porn.

Lee Toric (Donal Logue)  continues on his mission to take SAMCRO down as payback for his sister’s death. And raising the kids without Tara around is taking its toll on Jax. ”It’s getting more and more difficult to be a leader,” he admits, ”when my decisions are those a father has to make.


SOA: Set The Scene BTS VIDEO

Gear up for season six with this behind the scenes taste of Sons of Anarchy. Season premiere this Tuesday at 10p only on FX.

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Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Premieres Tonight at 10pm on FX. (Credit FX)

 Why Sons of Anarchy is ‘Hamlet in a motorcycle jacket’

‘Queen” Gemma (Katey Sagal) is Gertrude. Clay (Ron Perlman) is Claudius, who murdered the last king, hooked up with the queen and took the seat at the head of the table. And Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is Hamlet, the vengeance-crazed brooder who loves wearing black and slowly drives his old lady mad — in this case, Tara (Maggie Siff).

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season 6 Teases – ‘Sons’ in Top Ten Lists – Before the Anarchy: Episode 23 #sonsofanarchy

Ron Perlman Spills About Sons Of Anarchy Season 6!
gemma Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Teases   Sons in Top Ten Lists   Before the Anarchy: Episode 23 #sonsofanarchy

Gemma (Katey Sagal) – SOA episode 509 ( Cr: FX)

Before the Anarchy: Episode 23

Q: Too early to be asking for Sons of Anarchy scoop?
Ausiello: The fifth season just ended. The first episode of the sixth season hasn’t even been broken, let alone written. And it won’t air until next fall. I guess what I’m trying to say is, no, it’s not too early. “You can get ready for another reset for Clay next year,” speculates Ron Perlman. “What it is, I don’t know. But I would guess that Season 6 is going to very much be an exploration of [Clay and Jax] changing places. [Clay] goes on some sort of journey of retribution, while [Jax] watches his aspirations disintegrate right in front of his eyes, even if he can’t see it.” Perlman is quick to note that, “Every time I’ve tried to guess where [series creator] Kurt [Sutter] is going, I’ve been wrong. But it’s fun to play the game.”

SOURCE: Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, Castle, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, HIMYM, Grey’s and More!

Where SOA left off in 2012:
Season 5 Finale – Sons Of Anarchy Sons of Anarchy on FX – ‘J’ai Obtenu Cette’ (VIDEO)

“Sons” is one of Matt Roush’s Top 10 of 2012!

Being, or breaking, bad has rarely been so rewarding. Many of the year’s more riveting moments came from TV’s grim ranks of morally compromised characters. In the first half of the final season of AMC’s Breaking Bad, Walter White’s descent into monstrous criminality reached its chilling nadir, including on the home front. Tragedy and treachery fatefully divided the biker thugs of FX’s Sons of Anarchy in its most grueling and memorable season. More surprising was the comeback for Showtime’s Dexter, as the vigilante serial killer’s secret identity was revealed to his shaken homicide-cop sister, lifting the show to new heights of psychological suspense.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 5 Finale Recap – Season 6 Preview – Otto Bites Off Tongue (VIDEO)

 Big Otto Delaney Has Nothing More to Say on Sons Of Anarchy

otto Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale Recap   Season 6 Preview   Otto Bites Off Tongue (VIDEO)

Sons Of Anarchy – Big Otto Delaney (Kurt Sutter) just before he bit his tongue–off (Cr:FX)

“Sons of Anarchy” season 5 was an OK season. It didn’t soar like the latter half of season 1 and the spectacular season 2, nor did it fall flat like the ill-conceived season 3, set mostly in Ireland.

It didn’t go off the rails, but it also didn’t do much to really change the repetitive game we’ve been watching for five seasons now.

If you were to hear that Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Tara (Maggie Siff) are cat-fighting (again), Jax and Tara’s relationship has gone south, and that Jax wants Clay dead, would you consider any of that as anything but SAMCRO business as usual?

The entire premise for the series Sons of Anarchy–a motorcycle gang who are drug-running, women-abusing, law-breakers, as tragic heroes we root for, is essentially absurd. When the show isn’t running on all cylinders, it becomes downright ludicrous.

…Jax is fated not to struggle free and pursue what his father sought (redemption), but doomed to carry out the hopelessly evil hubris of his stepfather, enmeshed with his mother as loving enabler. SOURCE: Ken Tucker

In this finale episode, Tara (Maggie Siff) uttered words (many of us have) longed to hear — that she wants to take leave of Charming–“this goddam cesspool.” The pediatric surgeon, who also refers to herself  as Jax’s “old lady”… is finally again reacting as the sane person she once seemed to be. That she is now arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder sets up a season next year that is sure to find Charlie Hunnam stretched to the limits of his abilities to convey Jax’s agony.

And speaking of agony: no one in this series gets to experience its opposite, ecstasy. It’s showrunner Kurt Sutter’s most bitter joke, and one he plays on the characters — and us — every season. This was a particularly exemplary one. SOURCE: Ken Tucker

Capture Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale Recap   Season 6 Preview   Otto Bites Off Tongue (VIDEO)

Ron Perlman as “Clay Morrow’ and Charlie Hunnam as ‘Jax Teller’ in Sons Of Anarchy – Season 1 (Image Credit: Michael Muller)

‘SOA’: Creator Kurt Sutter talks about finale (excerpts)

About that tongue…

That was quite a special effect when you — as Otto the incarcerated — bit off your tongue and spit it at the window.

Yeah, we worked with a prosthetics house on that! My tongue was modeled in a full-on prosthetic. We made a bunch of them so I could do it a few times. I was literally gnawing my teeth to break it. It’s a rubber tongue but the material is hard enough so you have something to chew through. I’ve been saying I don’t want any more arcs for Otto. This way, I won’t have any more lines. He’ll probably still be part of the Tara arc in the new season. He’ll just be scribbling sh– on pads…

Who knew that you would end season five with some fans actually feeling sorry for Clay!

In doing research on these guys… you find if they don’t get killed off or end up in jail…they sort of burn out. They can’t do another round of the game. I wanted to get Clay to that place… but… He just couldn’t do it anymore… (but) Clay is a survivor. He wants a piece of the pie, which is why he was setting up the gun business. But the only (person he needs) is Gemma. He is sincere with that. You kind of wish Jax was like that. All he should (need) is Tara, to get out. But he’s adopting some of character traits (that Clay used to have).

When will season six pick up?

… My guess is that it will probably start weeks later.


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Jimmy Smits as Nero Padilla in ‘Sons’ Season 5 (Cr: FX)

Seems like the door is open for a Jimmy Smits’ comeback. 

I would love Jimmy to come back. I wrote it open-ended. We’re in the process of trying to make that happen. It depends on his availability.

Talk about what you accomplished this season.

I love the idea that Jax executed this plan as an outlaw masterfully, almost without a hitch…but (in doing so) his family unraveled …in regards to the promise he couldn’t keep to Tara. The club has all these external pressures removed … they are out of drugs, guns, RICO has been lifted, they have new business opportunities. And yet… the club is more fractured than it’s ever been…

For a straight ahead recap without commentary read:Sons of Anarchy’ recap: Jax got this?

Memorable (?) Moments from SOA’s season 5 finale:
  • Gemma’s gut-punching Tara (who had Gemma by the throat), adding, “I hope you’re not pregnant.”
  • Dumpsters brim-full of dog corpses. 
  • “Men need to be loved.  Women need to be wanted” — Gemma (I would phrase it, “Women need to be needed.”)
  • Tig (Kim Coates) did not die (!) though he was long ago emotionally destroyed (think season 1, his inadvertent murder of Opie’s wife).
  • Juice is (sort of) alive as well but after two extremely rough seasons is now reduced to a ‘puddle of sad.’ Indeed, as a fellow SOA fan pointed out, why has Juice stopped hacking computers and what happened to his heath food operation? Juice is so not cut out to be an outlaw. Not emotionally equipped.
  • Adult males, outlaws or not, should not be drinking out of a milk carton! It’s unhygienic, gross, lazy and stupid because you’re gonna dribble down your front. Great outlaw look you’ll be sporting then!


sonsofanarchy jaxfinale Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale Recap   Season 6 Preview   Otto Bites Off Tongue (VIDEO)

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in SOA season 5 finale (CR:FX)

 I’m not sure if we’re supposed to respect Jax … or be horrified by his cold-bloodymindedness, but there are at least two strong reasons to believe the latter. The most obvious is his conversation with Bobby after Bobby finds out Clay’s been picked up for Pope’s murder. “It wasn’t about being smart enough to hurt him,” Bobby tells Jax. “It was about being smart enough not to hurt him. You had a chance to be different.” Jax’s response: “Maybe I’m not so different.”

We only have to go back to last week’s episode for the other example of the monster Jax now is. His rape-like attack on mother of his child, ex-wife, ex-junkie Wendy (Drea DeMatteo) was loathsome and indefensible. That reverberates this week as Wendy visits Tara’s office to explain everything that Jax did to her (held her down and shoved a speedball in her arm and threatened to report the now-clean drug counselor as high). Tara, of course, is horrified…”Trying is never gonna get you out! Go to Oregon now, before something awful happens to you and your sons!” Wendy screams. Tara gets the message. But of course, it’s too late. Tara’s fate was sealed the moment she returned to Charming, the place she once had the sense to escape from.

Over five seasons, we’ve seen how Jax’s inability to get over his hatred and anger has wreaked havoc in his life. He can’t let go of the club in the exact same way he can’t let go of his hatred for Clay or anger at Wendy. He may dress it up in noble talk about protecting his friends and protecting his family, but Jax is driven by wrath. He probably wouldn’t even recognize himself without it.

And this is the Jax we’re left with at the close of Season 5, with only his scheming mother there to back him up. Tara is going to jail and will be charged with conspiracy to commit murder (maybe because of Gemma). Clay is on his way to jail too, where it won’t be easy to survive with Pope’s henchmen after him. Bobby has turned in his VP patch, Juice is a broken man after betraying Clay, Tig remains both a good soldier and an irreparably damaged human being.

That’s a lot of collateral damage in helping Jax get to the top.

So then, how much is too much? It’s a question worth asking after watching Otto bite off his own tongue instead of giving his statement (“Way to commit, Otto,” Donal Logue‘s Toric notes) and seeing the garbage cans full of dog corpses that disgust even Tig. (NOTE to SOA writers: There’s a way to be dark and edgy without getting stupid and repulsive.)

SOURCE: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 5 finale recap: Jax’s revenge in ‘J’ai Obtenu Cette’

10 600x272 Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale Recap   Season 6 Preview   Otto Bites Off Tongue (VIDEO)

Maggie Siff as Tara, right after Gemma sucker punches her (Cr: FX)

Speaking of unnecessary nastiness, Gemma wishing Tara gets “fist-raped” in prison was pretty vicious, even for her. It sounded really ‘off’ coming from a middle-aged woman; I could hear Sutter’s words coming out of Sagal’s mouth and it took me out of the moment.

I’m really glad Jimmy SmitsNero survived the finale. It was my one wish in the ‘who lives and who dies?” department. In a Wednesday group interview, Kurt Sutter states that negotiations are in place to bring him back. Seeing what the writers do with the Nero character and what Jimmy Smits does with him, is easily the second biggest reason that I’ll resume watching the show next September, as I no longer care what happens to the club and Charming’s other denizens. The biggest reason to return? Maggie Siff as Tara. As much as I love Katey Sagal as an actress, it is Siff that brings the biggest acting chops and it is her character’s potential to possibly be redeemed (whereas Gemma has none) that is the most compelling aspect of committing to a 6th season of Sons Of Anarchy.

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