V – Episode 2.04 – ‘Unholy Alliance’ – Promo & Synopsis: V on ABC (2.1.11) #V

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'V the New Series' 'Unholy Alliance' Diana (Jane Badler)

The general consensus, even taking into account the only slight uptick in the ratings, seems to be that ‘V, The New Series’ is ‘getting better.’ I agree. It’s actually watchable now vs. season 1 which at least in the first half, was unbearable mostly due to the glacial speed at which the story advanced. The showrunners appear to have gotten the memo–but is it too late? It seemed like a foregone conclusion that the show had no chance whatsoever to garner a third season when it was announced some weeks ago that ABC would not order any further episodes of season 2 beyond the 10 already in the can. There is buzz, albeit very slight that maybe, possibly the show may go on to a third season though it needs to be stronger to qualify as a ‘lead in.’ I’d hazard a guess that at the least, it can now qualify as ‘on the bubble’ and it is no longer a foregone conclusion that it is dead in the water.

What do you think?

SeriesUS | January 19, 2011

V – 2.04 ‘Unholy Alliance’ – ABC Promo

Sorry the quality of the vid. sucks. Hopefully the cleaned up screencaps make up for it!

V – “Unholy Alliance” – After the radical faction of the Fifth Column murders three Peace Ambassadors, Erica goes on a mission to hunt down their leader, Eli Cohn, a former Mossad agent. Meanwhile, as Jack and other priests around the globe begin to speak out against the Visitors, Anna heads to the Vatican in an effort to convince the leaders of organized religion that the Visitors truly are “of peace,” on “V,” TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on ABC. Also in the episode, Jay Karnes guest stars as Chris Bolling, an FBI agent now assigned to work with Erica; while Oded Fehr will play Eli Cohn, the leader of a much more radical group opposed to the Visitors. (ABC/JACK ROWAND) JAY KARNES, ELIZABETH MITCHELL, JOEL GRETSCH

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