Microsoft, Yahoo and The GOOG

Google’s might drove the shock bid

Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo in what analysts regard as a response to the seemingly unstoppable rise of Google.

The emergence of Google has been staggering for observers and threatening for established players in every market it has entered.

Microsoft’s response could level the playing field.

“This consolidates the marketplace down to Google versus Microsoft,” says Colin Gillis, analyst at stockbroker Canaccord Adams.

 This is good news. I’m sure you get “why,” besides Google hating, right? Google got the attention it was asking for. But it’s like an election where you have to pick from the lesser of the evils! lol.

Links to one of my first blogs (now going on 5-years old) in which I wrote after being taken down in PageRank from 4 to ZERO overnight after a couple months doing a very part-time gig in paid blogging.

I Don’t Love You Anymore, Google

Google Love Gone Bad, Part II               

Google Love Gone Bad (Part III)backstabber Microsoft, Yahoo and The GOOG

Google is Evil and Everywhere

Oh my goodness, I just about had a panic attack just now.

I’ve been installing things, mostly “widgets” on two WordPress blogs all day, tweaking things.

And then I started getting a Google pop-up about a navigational key that I needed to procure from the GOOG themselves. Out of curiosity I went to see if I could activate it. Without a lot of headaches–and without being further into GOOG’s pocket– no I can’t– but the pop-ups were happening at both sites. Every time the page loaded. I felt like my blogs were hijacked–by the eveeel Google!

After waaay too much plugging and unplugging, activating, deactivating, deleting and transferring, I have discovered that a photographic program, which I’d thought way nifty because it’s seeming ease of use and multi-functionality, was the culprit. It’s gone now, not to bring it’s Google-kissing buttocks back to my blog space. Hey developers, You are very nice but could you warn someone who Google is not happy with (in a collective, not personal* sense) about Google program keys embedded in your widgets?

It’s 3 a.m. I have conquered the GOOG for today. I suppose I should do some yoga and go to bed.

*It’s “just business.”

I’m simply a person who lost a ton of work for not following Google’s draconian rules–which I’d not ever heard of in re: my TypePad blog. Watch out for the GOOG!

Hey People!

amybrown Hey People! 

I imagine most of you are too busy to have noticed my absence the last few days.

It really comes down to the fact that I’m stubborn as hell and won’t give up on something I want ‘till I’m thoroughly exhausted or every option known to humankind is.

The “something” to which I refer is switching my domain host—again, redirecting my domain name—again, and setting up from scratch my website—again.

I’ve done all this in order to not be a slave to my provider—sort of spreading my assets around, as it were.


I’ve not ever tried using and opposed to—very different and guess who didn’t know that until “too late?” I know bugger-all about the type of coding you need to construct a WordPress blog: c-Panel, file manager, directories, uploading and unzipping—all the unpleasantness that I’ve avoided for the decade I’ve been online. All of it has come to this—three days of trying again, getting stymied, doing searches for assistance, thinking I had the answer, finding out that I don’t, starting over and over and over. Yes, I could have paid for help. I would have done that at approximately the same time hell froze over.


What a craptastic time it’s been.

So now that I’m ready to post, I find our Interwebs have been stricken by the Comcastic virus. Best case is back up tonight. Meantime we have Denzel’s Déjà Vu to enjoy. Toodles!