FlashForward – Who’s The Snitch? FF Cast Interviews

ABCNetwork — April 07, 2010 — A snitch is found in the FBI bureau and the actors speculate who it is.

Wow. Is this all the love that ABC can manage for FlashForward this week? I mean geez Louise they had that countdown clock and the big, blood-red “V” plastered on the screen during LOST recently for that reptile show. This video is cute and all but it in no way encourages people to actually watch the show.

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FlashForward – Official Video Recaps ‘Revelation Zero,’ Parts 1 & 2 (3.18) – Dom Monaghan Q & A

Nicole searches for solace in a religious group, while Simon is kidnapped and held captive with Lloyd.

Mark finds Simon and Lloyd, while Simon’s connection and true whereabouts during the blackout are revealed.

Both videos: ABCNetwork

Dominic Monaghan joins Chris Harrison in the Hollywood 411 studio to discuss his mysterious character Simon on Flash Forward. He’s secretive, smart and not very good with people just like Simon. He tells Chris about being a method actor by working with a Rubik’s Cube and delving into math. He also talks about the jump from filming Lost to Flash Forward. He’s keeping things fresh for himself by playing a multitude of different characters; he tells us about wanting to find out what Lost is about and his hope that the show ends with a definite finale.


First, FlashForward is back! The two-hour half-season premiere was very satisfying. If you watched the show last year and stopped, try again by going to the FlashForward area of ABC TV online and watch ‘Revelation Zero’ (Parts 1 & 2). FlashForward’s regular timeslot is Thursdays @ 8 p.m.
Second, ABC video recapping people–WTH?! I write about LOST, FlashForward and V but you have made it near impossible to find previews, promos, recaps & sneak peek videos at YouTube. Is this deliberate? I used as many keywords as I could and it was only through painstaking investigation that I found that you call all your recaps “Quick Cuts”!!!

Who would do a search using those terms unless they knew to do so?!

I just found out this morning that the “Quick Cuts name is used for all your series recapping. It’s halfway through the LOST final season and I find them NOW?!!

And in re: FlashForward, do you want no one to see the promos and recaps for it?! Seriously. You couldn’t do less to help the show if you tried and I know you are not trying because in the single sentence (sometimes two) that you summarize the recap –you get the plot/ keys points of the plot wrong! It’s happened more than once so I know definitively that your recapper does not watch the show he or she is recapping. That’s so. not. cool! Give me the job–I’ll do it free of charge–just to get it right. /end rant

FlashForward: Not Shy About Spoiling 2010 Episodes / Flash Forward, V, March Return Dates Announced

Great stuff here that I think may indicate that FlashForward is finding it’s footing and hopefully on March will begin to put out some some great episodes.

For the most part, I really liked how FF ended the first half of it’s inaugural season. The only odd chord was when Olivia all-of-a-sudden became so cozy with Lloyd. It seemed…rushed and sort of flirty. I mean, what has changed–really–for her to be about-facing like that?


FlashForward retruns on ABC TV on March 4, 2010.

S1xE11 ‘Buddha in the Ruins’
Australian FlashForward promo


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FlashForward – TV Guide Magazine Interview – Also – Flash Forward and V Return Dates Announced

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