Update! LOST Alternate Endings (Jimmy Kimmel) from Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse / SO MANY QUESTIONS (Video)

JimmyKimmelLive — May 23, 2010 — Jimmy Kimmel Live – Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse’s Alternate LOST Endings

Naveen Andrews segment is the one that did the most for me in that it was the most inspired.

2010 05 25 154257 450x252 Update! LOST Alternate Endings (Jimmy Kimmel) from Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse / SO MANY QUESTIONS (Video)

The Tribe has spoken...

‘Guest star’ Jeff Probst, the host of the the show that was the inspiration for LOST, the ten-years-running SURVIVOR,  appears at the LOSTies camp to inform Sayid that “The tribe has spoken.” Sayid must leave the Island. In his parting words, Sayid rants that  he “did not serve 5 years in the Republican Guard, get shot by Roger (Linus, Ben’s father) and drown “in a pond” (hee) to be eliminated by Jeff f-ing Probst.” Very funny.

This video hits a few of the more frequently asked but entirely unanswered LOST questions. It also reminds me that there were so many other threads left dangling. I’ve read that the writers have said that no matter how they tried to answer the questions, there would be more questions. IMO, the insulting thing to the people that are incensed that they “wasted 6 years” watching LOST is that they were played for fools and no one wants to be made to feel stupid by a show that is based on SURVIVOR. I mean, c’mon already.
That’s always been my beef with LOST. They threw everything but the kitchen sink into it and then stood back smugly whilst the more um, devoted fans tried to figure out stuff that the showrunners had no idea how to figure out from the get-go.
The Walt-is-special thing was annoying. The mechanical sound to the smoke monster was silly. Who made up the rules? Who enforced the rules? Why after taking a sip of the magic wine did Richard not become “the same as” Jacob?”
Why, for gods-sakes, WHY did they hammer us over the head again and again with the black and white motif? It’s a simple concept! I’d venture to say almost everyone got it from season 1 when Locke explained it to Walt using backgammon pieces. In Season 6 all I could do when off-Island was notice stuff that was black and /or white. Oh look, a black lamp and a white lamp! And red! On LOST the colour red is significant. Significant, why? I can’t remember. Water! That’s what the showrunners said would be most significant this season. I watched for 5 seasons previous and never thought Oh,Oh, there’s water! Something bad is about to happen!  I mean, they were on a bloody island! There was always water! All the potential dramatic tension wasted on me–and I’d venture a few others who lives did not revolve around the show.