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Man, it totally has not helped that spouse brought home a bunch of Girl Scout Cookies including the new ones this year that I’d heard are good. And they are good. Damn it.

Just call me the Cookie Monster.

I wonder if they are still called Girl Guides in Canada. Let’s get them a link, shall we? Girl Guides Cookies. Apparently they are called Girl Guides everywhere but the US. Shocking. We have to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the world, don’t we? Having us on par with everyone else just. would. not. do. icon biggrin Bill O Reilly on Cookie Abuse

Oh, this is too precious to pass up!

Bill O’ Reilly Feb 26,2008, mid Girl Scout cookie drive, interviewing an anti-Girl Scout cookie organization woman.She says we are too fat to have cookies and Bill just worries about if he’s too fat to have them ‘cos he “likes them.” Find Girl Scout Cookies

O’REILLY:…But do I look fat to you?ROTH: You do not look fat to me.

O’REILLY: I am not fat. All right? Thirty-six-inch waist. I eat these cookies! Come on…


O’REILLY: And I like them!

ROTH: I like them, too. But let me tell you something. America likes them much too much.

This is an era of obesity. They’re sick.

O’REILLY: OK, but what you’re talking about, a fascist state that says to people you can’t eat cookies, you can’t have ice cream, you can’t have cake. And I’m telling you that it is the parental authority that should regulate what kids eat, No. 1. And, No. 2, it’s over the line.

A couple of Girl Scout cookies, even though they’re loaded with sugar, not going to hurt you or anyone else.

ROTH: So you went Mussolini on me. OK. Look, we don’t want a civic organization whose mission is to make the world a better place, which is what the mission statement is for the Girl Scouts — we don’t want civic organizations — and that’s PTAs, that’s churches, synagogues, anybody — using junk food as a fundraiser. Not now. Ninety years ago, cute idea. Today, not so much.

O’REILLY: See I think cookies make the world a better place. Because they’re sweet. And that’s a treat.

Now, if you’re going to abuse the cookies and eat the box and get fat, that’s on the parent. I agree with you there. But you’re trying to intrude, I think, way too much.

But I don’t want somebody telling me the Girl Scouts can’t sell cookies. I don’t want that. That’s not America. That’s not freedom of choice. Come on.

ROTH: Well, I think — I think the message is the Keebler elves’ mission statement: make money selling junk food. But when you’re using young children as the front to sell $700 million, 200 boxes…

O’REILLY: People know what they’re buying. People know that cookies are loaded with sugar.

ROTH: Is that the right message? Is that the right message?

O’REILLY: The message is freedom. If I want a cookie, I’m going to get a cookie. I don’t want some piece of tofu from the Girl Scouts. I’m not going to buy it from them!

ROTH: All right. Well, you’re not alone in your thoughts.

O’REILLY: We disagree.

O’REILLY: Kids can lose it.

ROTH: No, no. Are you kidding? Are you kidding? The outlook for that child is grim…

O’REILLY: Right. No cookies for you tonight. Thanks for coming in.

…and for gord’s sake, have a cookie!

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