Sons of Anarchy – Season 4 – NEW Appisode ‘Mexican Basketball’ (Day 305) [VIDEO] #sonsofanarchy

2011 08 22 035737 450x254 Sons of Anarchy   Season 4   NEW Appisode  Mexican Basketball (Day 305) [VIDEO] #sonsofanarchy

Sons Of Anarchy appisode "Mexican Basketball' (Day 305) Season 4


‘Mexican Basketball’

When Sons of Anarchy returns on September 6, it will pick up 14 months after the events on the May finale. Members of SAMCRO will be out of jail and entering a new Charming.

But what actually transpired while Clay, Bobby, Jax and crew were behind bars?

Through a series of DVD and Blu-ray features, along iTunes/iPads “appisodes,” fans can get some answers.

(They can also click “Play” on the video above.)

The short scene  is from the 305th day of SAMCRO’s sentence.

Who is balling? Who is setting up a deal? Who is unsure about it? Watch and see:

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